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App Intelligence

We bet the first thing you reached out for this morning was your smartphone. The latest reports confirm that most Americans surf the net solely via their smartphones. That’s why so many businesses are so mobile-focused and developed their own apps. Whether you’re checking the weather, or billing your clients, a multitude of goals is now sorted out on the go. With that said, mobile app data becomes a potent ‘barometer’ of some vital tendencies. And that’s where mobile app intelligence comes into play. App intelligence tracks such metrics as organic keywords, download trends, active users, the time users spend using the app, and revenue from in-app purchases to improve business performance via mobile app data-backed practices.
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1. Analyze app KPIs
App success can be measured in numbers. Thus, you need particular KPIs to see those numbers. Rely on ASO services data.
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2. Be flexible
Track your app success from time to time. App KPIs change due to the updates on the market.
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3. Know your competitors
If your app fits some category, then conduct research and see what strategies your competitors use. Look at their KPIs.
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4. Update your app
Add new features, work on in-app purchases, and update your app. It will bring extra revenue and keep your app alive.
App downloads and revenue estimates

Want to get under your competitors’ skin? Eliminate the guesswork from your app marketing efforts and start basing your activity on accurate data, such as app download and revenue. With quality app analysis, you’ll effortlessly size up your rivals, delve into new markets, and bolster your performance. Make the most of a good app rankings tool to find out: how many downloads they’re getting; how they find clients; how extensive their audience is; and the icing on the cake in the form of how much they earn.

By conducting a comprehensive app analysis using app analytics tools, you’ll easily figure out how and why your competitors perform the way they do. As a result, you will succeed in outsmarting your competition and building a wiser growth strategy.

Category Rankings

This option helps to track and monitor category rankings for any app available in one of the major app stores. Your app’s category ranking history data allows you to notice the changes in the category ranking on a daily and hourly basis; conduct a single-chart comparison of your and your competitor’s category ranking history; adjust the chart using multiple parameters; evaluate your product’s category ranking dynamics in various stores within the chosen time frame.

A year’s worth of this data reveals the dates when your competitor updated their product, as well as when their application was most actively used and vice versa. Usually, these periods of peak activity overlap with updates to the app. Strategically speaking, app category ranking clearly shows you the dynamics of your competitor’s strategy, along with the exact improvements that have been introduced (or not).

How to estimate your app's success?

App intelligence aims to give you insights into whether your app is competitive enough on the app store. Optimizing an app is only the first step into ASO, you have to be sure that you choose an effective strategy. This can only be done with the help of data, not intuition.
Collaboration check icon Track your KPIs.
ASO services offer different indexes to show how your app performs. Some of the basic KPIs are vital for estimating how popular your app is. Keep in mind that the app market is dynamic and tracking app success has to be done regularly.
Collaboration check icon Find your competitors.
Apps that have the same goals are good predictors of tendencies in your category. Besides, ASO analysis is always provided on the data from the market: Which actions have worked for the competitors, and which have failed.
Collaboration check icon Set the goal.
Any strategy must have a goal. Considering app KPIs and comparing them to your competitors’ ones should meet the goals of your ASO strategy. If they don’t, you have to be flexible and make new decisions based on up-to-date ASO data.
Monitoring app ranking

App intelligence is paramount when it comes to learning from the best, benchmarking your application, enhancing user experience, polishing your marketing approach, and generating more leads. Whether you’re a marketing specialist or sales manager, mobile app analytics can aid you in reaching your performance goals. App ranking is one of the indexes which show whether a particular app is popular amongst users and how often it is downloaded, whether this app adapted to its store successfully in terms of ASO.

By monitoring app ranking, you get to see the full picture of your competition’s marketing path, along with the milestones they aim for. But, most importantly, it makes the mobile economy transparent and fairly easy to understand. With this enlightening clarity comes significant innovation and business growth. And that’s what we’re all striving for.

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