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App Ranking Tracker: Asolytics ASO Tools
Fast & accurate way to track app rankings
Track app ratings with Asolytics tools:
Track app positions in the App Store and Google Play for specific search queries.
Use a set of app rankings tools to analyze the performance of your app and your competitors’ ones.
Track search visibility and app rankings for specific keywords in different countries.
Discover app ranks for any keyword from your semantic core in different countries.
Results you’ll get from using Asolytics app ranking tools
✔️ Accurate reports about app search visibility in different countries
✔️ Set of keywords that work best for your app
✔️ Data for bulding optimization strategy in App Store and Google Play
✔️ Constantly updated metrics for adjusting the ASO strategy
✔️ More app visibility, its organic downloads, and higher revenue
Step 1: Check keywords rank in the Ranking tool
See how an app position changes for any keyword in the chosen period.
Alongside, you’ll get all critical metrics for every keyword to evaluate how it works for your app.
ASO tracking tools for comprehensive app ranking analysis: Step-by-Step Guide
Tip: You can see the app rank for any keyword in search terms lists in any tool of the Keywords section: Tracking, Recommended, Metadata, Autosuggest, and Related keywords.
Step 2: Discover apps’ Search Visibility for any keyword. You can do it for your app or any other app of your interest
See by which keywords the app has been ranked down or up in a chosen country and chosen period of time. Use relevant, effective keywords based on the updated data about its performance dynamics.

Tip: You can check keywords rank (Search Visibility) for any app in the Apps tool, set of Competitors tools, or do the same for your app on its Dashboard.
Step 3: Reveal all the apps ranked by the specific keyword in the Live Search tool. Check your app rank for any specific keyword.
To make a decision about the keyword from your semantic core or any other keyword on your mind, go to the Live Search and discover what position your app holds for this keyword.

Tip: Use the Keyword Explorer tool to see the app rank for a specific keyword.

This tool covers all the keyword metrics, collects autosuggestions for the chosen keyword, and looks for apps ranked by this specific keyword with the help of the Live Search algorithms.

Step 4: Do the same for any app from your competitors’ list or any app you want

You can choose any app from the Selected Competitors tool to see its Search Visibility for any keyword. Also, you can use Live Search to reveal new apps ranked for a specific keyword.
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