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Top Charts

Get a quick market overview with our iOS top app charts. Understand what users demand in a particular region and offer them the most relevant product. No need to collect information on your own; we’ll provide you with all the data you need.
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How does the app store ranking system work?

App Store, like Google Play, never officially discloses the nuances of its algorithms. However, some features can be found empirically. The most significant influence on the product position is exerted by name; subtitle; keyword field; URL; in-app purchases. The first three items are ranked by algorithms and have the biggest impact on apps ranking, so they should be the best optimized. Using the App Store features, you can increase your visibility. You can offer users up to 20 in-app purchases.

Each item has an indexable title and description. If you distribute your app across multiple regions, take advantage of localization options. Another developer-friendly feature is user activity tracking. Lots of downloads and launches show the high quality of products, and, therefore, the algorithms perceive them as trending apps and show them more often.

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Highest-grossing apps app store

Top-grossing App Store charts show items for which users are ready to pay the most money. Typically, this list is dominated by free services that offer various in-app purchases. The exact list changes every day, and while some titles go up a few spots, others go down. Tracking the most popular apps on a daily basis, you can get a complete picture of the market, primarily the needs of your target audience.

Practice shows that at the moment, the leaders among iOS top-grossing products are the USA along with China and Japan. Users of these countries spend more money on applications. However, in some countries, it happens because of the high standard of living (Japan); other regions fall into this statistic due to the number of inhabitants (China). At the same time, you can view data for any area and category that interests you in our charts.

Use Top Charts to Your Advantage
Asolytics gives you access to the most complete and comprehensive market overview. Convenient iOS top charts collect data on the best applications for Apple devices that you can use to analyze competitors, demand in a particular region, and the target audience’s needs.
Collaboration check icon Evaluate competitors’ work
Collaboration check icon Analyze user requests
Collaboration check icon Get unique data by region
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1. Assess
Conduct a comprehensive market assessment and understand current trends and key competitors.
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2. Optimize
Make your product better and optimize your app store assets based on the data received.
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3. Enjoy
Keep an eye on the conversion rate growth and the increase in profits.
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Track app ratings with a monitoring app ranking tool

Monitoring app ranking and all the smallest changes in the state of the market manually is almost impossible. Therefore, Asolytics provides you with convenient and modern analytical tools so that you can quickly get data for any criterion you need. For you, we monitor the change of positions in the top app rankings and regularly update the information on our platform. The information is updated in real-time, so you can track any changes in the positions of key titles and developers step-by-step. Every day, you have access to only the latest data. With us, you will not miss even the tiniest details, which in the long run can significantly impact the overall situation.

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Choose country and category

To develop the best apps for an iPhone, you need to know the current market situation, the positions of competitors, and the needs of consumers. We provide you with all this information in a single table. You can browse top-grossing products worldwide or pick a specific country that interests you. Each region has its own characteristics, which cannot be ignored when developing and promoting products. Next, define the item category. These can be entertainment services, sports and news platforms, games, and much more. For games, we offer a separate classification where you can accurately identify the genre. Then you can arrange application ranking depending on the monetization model and a specific device (iPhone or iPad).

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