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ASO: Keywords Collection with Asolytics
Fastest & simplest way to collect keywords.
What will you get with Asolytics tools?
Comprehensive app optimization in App Store and Google Play
Huge collection of keywords based on competitors analysis
Suggested and recommended keywords from real-time app stores database
App text assets and metadata optimizations to Google Play and App Store
Effective semantic core for different locales and countries
Results you’ll get from Asolytics ASO keyword research
✔️ You get reports about app performance
✔️ App becomes more visible
✔️ Its rating and reviews improve
✔️ It gets more organic downloads
✔️ You get more revenue
Step 1: Analyze your app performance and reveal your competitors
1.1 Analyze your ASO score and other critical metrics about your app success in your app’s Dashboard.
Straightforward process of keywords research for an app
1.2 Discover all of your competitors and their performance in Competitors Finder. Analyze any app in detail in App Analysis.
Step 2: Collect all the relevant keywords to make the app more visible
2.1 Collect tons of relevant keywords with Recommended tool in minutes. Use the Explorer tool for precise ASO keyword analysis and performance.
2.2 Track and adjust semantics whenever you want in the Tracking dashboard. Track keywords performance based on constantly updated metrics.

Both for Google Play and App Store, keyword research tool "Tracking" saves your data and adjusts it every time you use the service.
2.3 Find ideas for keywords for any given letter to broaden the semantic core with the Autosuggested tool.
2.4 Choose the keyword and discover all the apps ranked with it in the Live Search tool. Use the Ranking tool to get all the keywords your app or your competitors apps are ranked with.
Step 3: Apply semantic core to your app text assets in app stores
3.1 Apply collected keywords to your app’s metadata in different locales and countries in the Meta Editor tool.
Inquire about Asolytics keyword research tools
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Frequently Asked Question
Use the Competitors Finder tool to find and analyze up to 100 direct competitors. Also, you can find competitors by analyzing search results.
App visibility is getting higher after its text assets are optimized. To adapt your app for app stores search algorithms, conduct thorough app store keyword research with a comprehensive ASO keyword tool. Amongst the top services for ASO, keyword research tools developed by Asolytics provide the best solutions for collecting and applying keywords to your app product page. With these tools, you can do both Google Play keyword analysis and App Store keyword analysis.