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Market Intelligence

To promote any product, it is necessary to clearly understand the market, analyze competitors' weak and strong sides, monitor the market trends, and understand the needs of the target audience. All of this requires accurate and regularly updated data. Stop trying to guess them. Join our platform, and you will get a complete picture of the market you are in. Arm yourself with our tool for market research and kickstart your downloads store stats for mobile apps & games
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1. Analyze both stores
You can see stats for all the free and paid apps and games from App Store and Google Play
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2. Focus on your market
For every category, there are TOPs of apps or games. You can see detailed statics on every item from the TOP
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3. Trace apps’ popularity
You can choose a paid / free app by locale, category, IAP (or any) in both stores to trace their rankings and rating
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4. Get insights
Average data about main ASO features are gathered for TOP 50 and TOP 10 apps for you to make decisions
Work With Updated Data

Information about daily changes in the market is at your disposal, as well as historical Market Intelligence data so that you can track changes that contribute to the consumer interest growth or decline. You can follow the trends throughout the day, week, or month. With it, you determine the most profitable periods for launching or updating a product, thanks to the highly accurate statistics that we provide and regularly update.

Compete With Top Players

Don’t be afraid to do so if you know their strong and weak sides. With our help, you will get access to insights about ASO business in different locales with various monetization strategies in App Store and Google Play. Having a simple and convenient market analysis tool at hand, you will be able to make informed decisions about promoting your app or game. Compare your strategy with your competitors' one to see how they managed to get to the TOP.

How to analyze the ASO market effectively?

Arm yourself with simple and convenient market intelligence instruments to ensure product success and conquer new regions. Asolytics is your trusted companion on your way to the top. With our data, you’ll find out critical information about the market: TOP charts for all the categories, rankings, and ratings for top apps, and ASO insights throughout the market. Try to focus on your main competitors first.
Collaboration check icon Find your competitors.
Choose the store, or get info from both stores, and see what apps are the most popular in your category. Try to look through similar categories too
Collaboration check icon Investigate competitors' pros and cons.
Track competitor’s popularity by rating, rankings, and feedback throughout the time. See what main features users appreciate in that app with the help of reviews.
Collaboration check icon Make a research about the users.
With our data, you can also choose a country to understand the situation in the local market. It will help you to feel the users’ demands, and what apps are used most by the particular social group.
Feel the Local Demand
You can draw conclusions about the demand for a particular product in the region you are interested in. Discover exactly which product to develop next and how to promote it in the new country. You can monitor the market and top competitors on a daily basis to gauge users' needs. Compare charts in the critical regions and determine if local or global developers are in demand there. Study changes in positions throughout the months to understand market dynamics.
Use Reliable Data

Arm yourself with simple and convenient market intelligence instruments to ensure product success and conquer new regions. Asolytics is your trusted companion on your way to the effective ASO. We provide analysis not only for the app market but also for particular apps. We provide keywords research tools and other critical tools you’ll need for an ASO strategy. To find out how to launch an app, you can study our ASO Academy or read the blog.