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ASO Intelligence

ASO Intelligence merges all the essential tools you need to increase visibility in the App Store and boost the conversion of your apps. However, it won’t work until you figure out the most effective keywords and arrange them in order to beat competitors’ success formulas. Alongside the market analysis, your strategy must be built according to the data from ASO services. We provide keywords research tools that will give you a full-fledged understanding of how to promote your app in the App Store. With it, you can make your app more visible and get desired revenue.
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1. Analyze competitors
Evaluate your app based on competitors' analysis and use tips that made their apps visible and popular.
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2. Optimize your app
Improve your app visibility by adding effective keywords to your app page listings in the store.
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3. Update your strategy
Look for new keywords from time to time to be sure your audience still wants what it did
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4. Sit back and enjoy
There is a moment when your campaign automatically brings you revenue
ASO Index and Visibility Score

The ASO Index tool analyzes overall app optimization accuracy while the ASO score shows the performance of your app and your international competitors' ones. These tools estimate an ASO strategy based on your app keyword performance, title, description, ratings, reviews, and profile completeness, and show whether your app is competitive or not.

You can compare an ASO index with the competitors’ ones based on selected parameters. And with the ASO score, you can figure out how well your app performs compared to other products from different regions. You can see how the visibility score has changed throughout the campaign. You can also focus on region-specific scores to enhance your app presence in particular countries, using the experience of local app market leaders. If the overall score doesn’t satisfy your ambition, adapt your ASO strategy with tools on our platform.

Keyword Research, Suggestions, and Rankings

Using the App Store Research, you can batch packs of new relevant keywords based on seed keywords you already have and use them for your app descriptions. Keyword Suggestions will give your a list of effective keywords which boosted your competitors’ apps. All you need to do is enter a seed keyword.

The research and suggestion tools will automatically reveal similar keywords from all the countries in Google Play and Apple App Store. These tools also find long-tail keywords. You can add multiple keywords to the research list and compare them with the suggested keywords in a convenient unified dashboard. Besides, Keyword Ranking lets you compare all the key metrics related to keywords, such as average app ratings, the number of downloads, and even app revenues so that you can choose the most effective ones.

How to do keyword research effectively?

App markets are dynamic so you have to be ready to adapt your app description, titles, and other app store listing elements to make sure your app uses up-to-date data. Besides the flexibility, you need to follow basic steps at least to include keywords that work or exclude irrelevant ones.
Collaboration check icon Track your competitors.
Choose the category your app occupies and get insights from your competitors' ASO strategies from different regions. You can use the keywords that work for them with our keyword tools.
Collaboration check icon Estimate your success.
Some simple ASO scores can give your understanding of how effectively keywords were used in your app store listings. Be ready to check it from time to time relying on ASO KPIs. Some of them are ASO Index and Visibility Score.
Collaboration check icon Be on the same page with users.
Don’t guess what your audience like, look at traffic scores to see what keywords are used more often. It will give an answer on what your target audience needs right now and how it found your competitors.
Competitor Keyword Spy

One of the smartest ways to use our ASO tracking toolkit is to spy on your competitors’ “trails” of paid keywords, metadata, and organically ranked keywords. Complementing Keyword Research, Suggestion, and Ranking, ASO tracking is combined with Apple Search Ads to supply you with the most relevant suggestions.

You can apply competitor keyword spy to get insights into which keywords generate the highest number of downloads for your competitors. Also, you can analyze the most popular keywords in the selected app categories. ASO tracking compares your own ranking keyword with the competitors’ that may be a part of paid Ads. Thus, you can see what ASO strategies your competitors use to make their apps more visible in the same category as yours. After this, you can plan your ASO budget and make efforts more thoroughly.

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Search Traffic Score Estimates

ASO traffic score reveals the keywords your potential app users are requesting to find in the apps of your competitors. It’s a chance to better understand your target audience's search behavior in a dynamic manner and adjust your app ASO strategy to match your client expectations as effectively as your competitors or better.

Our platform offers a competitor keyword analysis tool, for free. ASO tools that we offer will provide you with in-depth search traffic insights. The tool considers organic search-driven page views, the efficiency of search Ads that use particular keywords, and more. Use this valuable keyword intelligence information to polish your strategy, discover previously unnoticed competitors, and leverage the stakes in your app category. Don’t forget that an effective ASO strategy always relies on the market analysis too.