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Aug 10, 2020
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Aug 10, 2020

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Battle Royale
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Drop in, squad up, and compete to be the last one standing in Battle Royale! Fortnite on mobile brings everything you love about the game onto your favorite on-the-go device. Join and chat with your friends -- regardless of what platform they’re on -- and make progress on your Battle Pass the same way you would on a PC or console! THE BATTLE IS BUILDING - Explore a large, destructible world where no two games are ever the same. Build huge forts, find loot and squad up with friends to earn your Victory Royale. SQUAD UP WITH FRIENDS - Take the party with you! Regardless of where your friends are playing, the Fortnite app lets you stay connected with your friends. EPIC UPDATES & EVENTS - Updates constantly fuel the fun. New gameplay modes, serious and insane new looks for your avatar, new weapons and items… Fortnite is always expanding. CONSOLE GAMING EXPERIENCE ON THE GO - Fortnite on mobile supports the most popular Bluetooth controllers on the market. After a quick pairing, you’ll be able to use the same control scheme you’re used to on consoles.}
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22 Dec, 2020
"Epic has done an amazing job. It looks great, and it plays pretty good considering the limitations of the hardware. Also, being able to carry all your progress from another platform is just perfect "
16 Oct, 2020
Fortnite runs great on iPhone, delivering the same experience we've seen on PC and consoles. Touch controls work fine, but the weapons you usually pick-up during the matches don't fit well with the manual fire approach.​
05 Aug, 2020
One of the best games and keeps me something to do. One thing they should change is the storm when you are in it it super purple and you can’t see anything. That’s one thing I think they should change.
20 Apr, 2020
I’ve been hooked on this game since Day 1. I remember when I used to think that it was just another kids game that I would never play and thought it was ridiculous. Boy was I wrong! I first heard about it from a good friend of mine who started playing it from the start during Season 1. It’s also how I discovered content creator Ninja for the first time. I at first didn’t believe what I had heard about Ninja making as much as $500,000/month and thought it was a ridiculous notion. The reason being is that I had taken a long hiatus from gaming due to unforeseen personal circumstances that caused me to miss out for a few years on a lot of what was going on in the gaming world. I didn’t even know Fortnite existed or what it was until a little over a year ago. I first started playing back in April of 2018 and have been playing it religiously everyday since then. I have to say it is the best gaming experience I’ve ever had in my many years of playing video games by far. It has led me to meet a lot of new people and has led me to be a part of quite a few gaming communities and as a supporter of certain streamers like KingSlayer on Facebook Gaming. I would definitely recommend this sensational game to anyone who likes the online battle royale experience and likes to compete against other players.
08 Mar, 2020
So I love Fortnite and it’s how my friends and I communicate over the weekend but I recently been getting some issues with the video game. I tried playing creative with a cousin of mine and everything was fine until another cousin of mine wanted to joined so we went to the lobby to wait for him. After he got into the lobby with us we went a creative server and I immediately realized something was wrong with my Hud Layout. My Layout where my pickaxe and guns are supposed to be was missing. When I picked up a gun I check the backpack Icon to see if the gun was there and it was. And was just so confused to what had happened to my HUD Layout. I explained to my cousin what had happened and he tried to help me so we went to the HUD Layout settings and it showed the layout where your guns and pickaxe was supposed to be but if you returned to the game it wouldn’t be there. The only way I could play properly was if I had a controller connected.
28 Jan, 2020
The reasons why is because I’ve had more than 3 accounts and I got logged out of all of them and I’m really upset. I’ve had to make changes after changes to these accounts. I was playing fortnite last night and everything was fine and all just playing with my friends. Then this morning I got on and I saw that we’re you two to see which gun you want to use on the bottom your screen. And it was gone. So then I kept exiting out of the app just to see if it was a bug. Then it wasn’t coming back. Then I reported it to see if epic game was going to check it out on my account. Then i reseted my phone to see if that worked and it didn’t change anything. So I just decided to give up and think I couldn’t play anymore. Then i just exited out of the game again. And gave up. 10-20 minutes later I decided to see if the bug was still there. It was there when I got on the game. Then all of a sudden the app just went blank and I was confused and scared to see if my account was messed up. Then when I exited out of the app and went back on it and it said the thing if you just had. Download the app asking if you have a account or you want to make a new one. So then I cried and was very upset that my account had been logged out for no reason at all. I’m very upset of how all of my accounts had been doing this. I don’t do anything bad or hack the game like some people do. I’m very disappointed and I hope I can get my account back.


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Categories: Action, Adventure, Games, Entertainment
Size: 299MB
App Age: 3 years 8 months
Release Date: Aug 10, 2020
Last Update: Aug 10, 2020
Version: 13.40.1
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Aug 10, 2020