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Get Your App Featured by Apple App Store

Get your app featured by Apple App Store with our useful tips and hacks. Answers to your ‘How to get featured on the App Store?’ question here.
Get Your App Featured by Apple App Store
Getting featured by Apple is a big deal and an achievement every dev team passionately strives for. It isn’t just something you’ll endlessly brag about but also a step forward that will guarantee tons of downloads, a slew of loyal customers, as well as stimulate your brand’s popularity tremendously.

Wondering how to get featured on the App Store and possibly even make it to the most downloaded apps today list? We’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll cover this topic extensively. The recommendations you’ll find below won’t promise you a 100% inclusion. But they are sure to get you closer to finding your application among the Apple Store chosen ones.

Here’s a brief overview of your must-do strategy points if you want to get your app App Store featured:
  • learn to think like a tech giant;
  • cultivate attention to ‘little things;’
  • develop a unique product;
  • use Apple’s tools whenever possible;
  • opt for simple and intuitive solutions;
  • genuinely put your consumers first;
  • reply to your users’ reviews;
  • maintain high rating;
  • release frequent updates;
  • add and optimize localizations.
So, are you ready to delve into the details of how to promote app in App Store and make Apple fall in love with your creation? Keep reading and let the knowledge bring you the power you need.
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Learn to Think Like the Team Behind Apple

Before switching to the tips on getting your product Apple featured, we’ll let you in on why Apple spotlights certain apps and games in the first place. According to the tech giant, they feature applications for the purpose of aiding consumers in finding the best tools.

But there’s definitely more to the whole thing than meets the eye. Apple wants to cement its reputation as a trusted platform and thus, attract more users. If your application can help the tech behemoth with that, you’ll get your iOS app featured on the App Store with bells on. Keep reading to learn how to keep pace with Apple’s paradigm of including apps in its distribution catalog.

Prioritize Apple’s Values

Knowing Apple, as well as learning how featured apps elevate the company in their consumers’ eyes, allows you to determine the kind of listings they want to see in their catalog. Looking to make a positive change for the purpose of getting noticed by Apple? Start right at the development stage. Don’t forget to do your homework and find more than one answer to the ‘What is Editors Choice in App Store’ question — and how to get it. Meanwhile, here are some useful hacks to craft your application to win Apple’s appeal.
Polish. Refine. Repeat

That’s what Apple usually does, with much passion and attention to detail. If you approach designing your application in a similar way, they are sure to appreciate it. Therefore, on your way to learning how to get your app noticed, refine each and every aspect of your mobile game, from graphics quality to playback value. Polish your product to perfection prior to launching it and striving to get noticed.
Be One of a Kind

Apple is very much into apps that come with unique characteristics. Whether you’ll introduce remarkable features or offer unmatched user experience, always aim at standing out among your competition. Naturally, to do that, you need to research your competitors inside out, read their reviews, and consider their smartest user review ideas when developing your own product.
Utilize Apple’s Tools

Apple eagerly deals with apps that promote the company or keep laser-like focus on Apple’s features. So, if you’re aimed at being on the tech giant’s radar, keep tabs on the new stuff Apple introduces and integrate it with your app in the smartest way possible.
Simplicity and Usability Are Key

Apple is all about straightforwardness, and the apps they prefer are the living proof of that. Therefore, make sure your iOS app is forthright and intuitive if you want to be included in the App Store.
Cross-Platform Is Good

If that fits well with your overall concept, make sure your application is made to function across a multitude of devices. That way, you will contribute to skyrocketing Apple to stardom (read as getting featured on their store with pleasure).

Make It Obvious That You Put Your Consumers First

A top-notch app should be useful in many ways. It’s a product that gets enhanced on a regular basis, with its target audience’s needs in mind. Apple believes that developers that focus on their customers’ needs create excellent products, therefore, the company is always focused on featuring apps that follow similar beliefs. Follow the app store recommendations steps below to show Apple and your target consumers that you value them greatly.
  • React to User Reviews
The importance of user reviews should not be underestimated. Users inform you of glitches and leave smart suggestions in their reviews. With that said, always provide swift reactions to your application user reviews and comments. That way, you’re showing them that you take their opinions into consideration and do your best to support them.
  • Release Frequent Meaningful Updates
There’s no such thing as perfectly bug-proof code. Therefore, release app overhauls on a regular basis just to enhance your users’ experience and make them truly see you’re perfecting your product nonstop. You don’t have to roll out some major features with each update. Infusing your product with small improvements will be more than enough to show Apple that you are ready for all the perks of being featured on their distribution platform.
  • Strive for High Ratings
Excellent apps boast excellent ratings. That’s what Apple believes in. The App Store features products that are intuitive, enjoyable, and useful, and those are bound to be rated very high. To keep up with your already-high-rated competition, ask your app users to rate your product via the service’s review prompt tool. It’s as easy as pie and is sure to aid you in boosting your ratings in the blink of an eye.
  • Add and Customize Localizations
Wondering how to get Editors Choice App Store? Localize it to an array of markets you want to operate in. The more locations have access to your product, the better. Apple will be delighted to join your app to its platform if it’s top-of-the-line — and accessible worldwide. To bolster your downloads, make sure you adjust your app and App Store page, as well as the visuals. All metadata should be translated into the native language of the localization to crown the process.

Localizing your app the right way is a time-consuming procedure. To save your precious time and effort, make the most of our ASO tool that, aside from helping you add localizations fast, will also provide you with smart recommendations on how you can enhance ASO for each localization.

Do the Knockin' on Apple Store's Door

Did you know you can actually ask Apple to feature your app in their App Store? Oh yes, indeed. The procedure is rather forthright. There’s a specific form that you can complete to ask the App Store representatives to review your app and determine if it qualifies for a feature. Just make sure you benefit from the above-provided link only after you evaluate your product based on the criteria we’ve already mentioned in this post.

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Overall, the form is a cakewalk to get to grips with. But there are some sections that require your utmost attention:

  • Version Highlights. Is what you’re offering people unique? In what way? Provide answers to these vital questions when conveying your message on this point. Be honest and brief.
  • Links. Whether you’re linking to your developer platform or the product’s landing page, make sure it’s second to none. A brilliant app with an outstanding website will most likely guarantee you a feature. Wondering what to do if your website is run-of-the-mill? Only leave the link when you upgrade the website.
  • Marketing Plans. If you intend to start any kind of campaign in the near future, let Apple know about it. That way, you’ll show them that your approach is fundamental — and that your marketing efforts will contribute to the App Store’s reputation, too.
  • Your Story. This is a vital section and an opportunity for you to tell your application’s story to the Apple people. Why did you create the product? Who are your target consumers? What good will you bring to people? Be succinct but very honest and straight-to-the-point.

Groom Your ASO While on Hold

After applying to get your app featured on the App Store, don’t just sit and wait until the tech giant says something. Evaluate your app once again and keep working on managing app store listing to be prepared for the increased traffic. Develop a solid App Store Optimization strategy for the purpose of transforming your app downloaders into regular users. Follow this quick step-by-step guide to boost your ASO:

  • explore & refine your keywords: determine the most suitable keywords and adjust your app page based on that knowledge;
  • benefit from screenshots: it’s your app screenshots that attract new users’ attention once they find themselves on your App Store page, so make sure your screenshots are eye-catching, reveal your products’ perks, and feature appealing captions;
  • let them watch your preview vid: work up a worthy app preview video if you want your product to make its way to the App Store.

Ready for a Win-Win Outcome? Take Action Today!

Apple will not notify you when or if you get included. You’ll realize that something has changed when the number of users increases. Then you’ll wonder where they’re coming from. Finally, become aware that you and Apple are now officially friends. And rejoice. Take a moment to truly savor the victory. But be prepared to embrace the heavier workload, too.

By following the steps described below, you will both enhance your app aficionados’ experience and come a lot closer to securing the leading position in your niche. Focusing on each development detail, showing your target audience that they are your utmost priority, and developing your ASO strategy is sure to shower you with more visibility and more installs. So, irrespective of whether you’ll get your app Apple-included or not, making use of our recommendations will ultimately elevate your product to a whole new level.

No doubt, as an app developer, you want to build rapport with Apple, and that’s a good thing! Remember that a fantastic app is bound to get noticed. And in order to keep getting high engagement and increase your brand awareness, your app optimization endeavors should go on and evolve on a regular basis. Listen to your users and take their suggestions into account when improving your product. This will help you build a loyal user base and grow your brand exponentially. That’s pretty much it when it comes to how to get your app featured by Apple.