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App Localization for App Store: How Does It Work?

App localization is an essential step in your ASO strategy. Find out how to win international users with quality product localization and translation.
App Localization for App Store: How Does It Work?
Other countries’ markets are always new opportunities. The more people know about your game or application and want to use it, the more profit your company will make. There are several stages within the ASO strategy, including app localization. It can significantly raise the popularity of your product and increase the install conversion rate when expanding to other regions. Of course, the success of your optimization depends on how high-quality this stage will be.
While many people think that localization means simple text translation, it is not entirely true. You need to know the rules to properly adapt your product to a new market. Moreover, it is also important to understand the specifics of working with each platform. After reading this article, you will learn in more detail how to implement ASO localization for Apple App Store and its aspects you need to pay attention to. We will also share with you professional tips so that the promotion of your application or game in a new region is successful.

Reasons for App Localization and Translation

Adapting a product to other regions is an essential step towards its popularization. Don’t underestimate its importance and assume that most users are fluent in English these days. A well-localized app or game should have different terms, even for mostly English-speaking US and UK.

You should start customizing your item by localizing pages in App Store. It will make it more visible to end-users and increase the install conversion rate. Plus, translating a page is a great way to figure out if you need to localize the application itself. You can monitor the search and download rates, and if, after the app localization process, its popularity among consumers has increased, it is worth considering translating the game or application. To better understand this topic, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the ASO vocabulary.
Location map of users who use the App Store
The App Store is available in 40 languages and 175 countries, thus, using professional app localization services, you will increase the popularity of your product in new markets and, accordingly, raise your profits. As modern research shows, the use of keywords that are relevant to a specific region significantly increases the download rate. Also, a high-quality translation will save you from the likelihood of negative reviews due to the lack of adapted descriptions and a decrease in the app’s rating, so pick and change AppStore language wisely.

App Store Features

The App Store indexes app and game pages differently than Google Play does. The title, subtitle, and keywords written in a separate field affect the optimization of your product. The item title should contain not only the name of your application itself but also the key request. Use a subheading to provide additional information and optimize your page with extra keywords. Keep in mind that keywords in the title and subtitle should be different.

The keyword field is 100 characters long. Readers do not see this information, and it is needed exclusively for the internal platform algorithms. Just list all relevant words and phrases separated by commas.

Mobile App Localization Pro Tips

You should know the difference between standard translation and localizing a product for a new market. Localizing an app or game is a much more extensive technique. The app localization best practices described below will help you master it.
Get ready in advance.

Of course, App Store has languages that are the most popular. However, simply adapting your product to each one can be risky. First, you should research and determine which languages ​​are found among your users and in which countries your product or analogs are most in demand. You should also roughly estimate the potential benefits of entering new markets.

At the stage of preliminary preparation, it would also not hurt to analyze the activities of competitors. Find out exactly how they adapted their products, what they changed in descriptions, screenshots, and interfaces.

The preparation stage also includes planning for the expansion of your business. To do it, you need to develop such a product that can adapt to new languages without the need for significant engineering changes. This stage is called internationalization (I18N), and after that, you can start localizing.
Adhere to requirements.

App Store has clear requirements for app pages. You need to take them into account when preparing translations. For instance, your title and subtitle should not be longer than 30 characters. However, keep in mind that not all of the text is visible in the search results, but only the initial letters.

Also, the product description can be up to 4000 characters. Experts disagree on whether to use all of them. Strive not to write as much text as possible, but to fit the full meaning in it and convey with its help the unique features of your app to engage users. Very few customers read descriptions to the end, so key sentences should be placed at the beginning. Of course, the localization of Android applications has its own peculiarities, and we have prepared for you effective tools for android localization.

You cannot translate texts literally. It should be remembered that other languages ​​may have long words and combinations, due to which the total volume may increase by 15-30%. For example, it applies to Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, etc.
Hire professionals.

Thanks to modern technology, there are many online tools for app store optimization localization at your disposal. However, using them is not the best option for creating quality adaptations. It is best to hire translators with copywriting experience and local marketers for such a task. Turning to professionals for help, you can be sure that the adaptation process will consider the peculiarities of a new region: religion, culture, grammar and vocabulary of a new language, local laws, and so on. With the help of native marketers and translators, you will not violate local rules and laws or offend users’ feelings.
Test your translation.

Before launching the final version, you should test all the elements that have been translated. Quality control is also quite time-consuming, but identifying errors and fixing them will save you from negative user reviews. This way, you can test the logic and context. Besides, an additional mobile app localization testing phase will help identify differences in data provision approaches in different regions. For example, the date format in China and Korea is different from American standards.
Keep track of your product rate.

High-quality App Store localization as part of ASO also implies regular monitoring of the situation. You should keep track of the number of installations and uninstallations of your product. If the product is removed frequently, it’s an indicator that the app has not been well adapted and the content does not meet customer expectations. By tracking these indicators, you can identify regions that need additional attention from your side. Improve localization to increase user retention.
It should be remembered that other languages ​​may have long words and combinations, due to which the total volume may increase by 15-30%
Asolytics Team

Make Your Product Visible With App Localization

Adapting your app for other regions is an opportunity to go global, fully reach the target audience, increase user loyalty, and improve your app revenue statistics. Of course, localization is a process that requires an investment of money and time. However, with a competent approach and careful analysis of new markets, you can minimize potential risks and present a truly useful product to new customers.

Since adaptation is always an additional cost, you should evaluate its feasibility. Some apps may not be translated. For example, online banking, which is in demand only in a specific region, or other local services that will not be used abroad. At the same time, any games should be adapted. Few of such projects have a narrow geographic focus.

Summing up the above, it should be said that product localization is an important and useful stage of your global ASO strategy. A close and detailed acquaintance with the culture and the new market characteristics is the key to your success there. To make users interested in your application or game, adapt all the elements of the App Store page.